Big bore throttle bodies and the facts you should know

OK I'm going to emphasis one major point that seems to be at the root of this evil.


It's really that simple. Prove me wrong, open your calibration and find ANYTHING in there that relates to "HEY ECU MAKE THE THROTTLE BODY DO THIS WHILE THE CAR IS AT IDLE". Good luck, bring popcorn. PS, there are also no disables for the throttle codes you're going to throw with a misadjusted TB.

There are four ways to fix your throttle body dilemma (if it's bouncing like crazy).
- Find the vacuum leak.

OMG I flashed a map and my car won't start

Now let's assume this isn't the first map you've flashed (and especially if you're tuning with me and you're on revision 32432432), pause and take a deep breath.

Hell FlashPro may even claim the car is "Unknown".

If you're tuning with me, instead of jumping to the conclusion that I'm playing some sick practical joke on you leaving your car un-drivable assume the problem is the flash process simply FAILED. Yes, it happens, it happens frequently. It's nothing to get worried about and nothing to blow up my email and phone with (guess what, just like any business, if I'm off for the day, I'm PROBABLY busy doing something else, shocker, I have a life too, right?).

Race Cal Support

There was a bug in FlashPro Manager 1.9.2 that prevented Race cals from this website from loading that was resolved in a timely fashion by Hondata and release FlashPro Manager 1.9.3 includes the fix.

Now something I must reiterate: These are free UNSUPPORTED calibrations. If they work, great, if they don't, oh no. Do not bother messaging us about them, they are 100% USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

FlashPro Announced for Acura RDX

Available September 2, 2013 - All RDX Models from 2007-2012 are supported

More info -

Looking for FlashPro RDX beta testers

Yesterday Hondata announced this on the Acura forums, if you or anyone you know is interested, please get in contact with Doug asap:

We're looking for three beta testers for three RDX turbo models.

- 2007-2009 (part numbers 37805-RWC-A510 through 37805-RWC-A570)
- 2010-2011 (part numbers 37805-RWC-A610 through 37805-RWC-A720)
- 2012 (part numbers 37805-RWC-A810 through 37805-RWC-A910)

Our preference is a stock vehicle. Testers will receive a free FlashPro and tune. Hondata HQ is located in Southern California. We will need the car for up to a week, but probably less.

Contact Doug with your ECU part number, located in the ECU in the engine bay. Ph 310 782 8278 x 105

eDyno Updated!

Finally after extensive testing of several new features, including but not limited to:

- Advanced log clipping to improve graph smoothness.
- Tweaks to duplicate RPM trimming.
- The ability to average multiple graphs into a single plot to get a good mean power graph from multiple pulls.
- Advanced datalog granularity control (on a per log basis).
- Takes into account vehicle aerodynamics for more accurate plots.

Also support has been added for the following vehicles OFFICIALLY:

- 2012+ Civic Si/Acura ILX
- Acura TSX
- Honda CRZ
- Acura TL-S
- Honda Fit AT (MT will work as well)
- AP1 S2000
- EP3
- Mazdaspeed3

Infamous eDyno is simply the most advanced and EASIEST to use virtual dyno graphing software to date!

FlashPro Announced For New Vehicles

It's finally here, the full announcement at Hondata!

2012 Si/2013 ILX FlashPro
07-08 Fit FlashPro
07-08 Acura TL

With the announcement I would like to announce a special on Vit Tune's for all 2012+ Civic Si's, 2013+ ILX, Honda Fits and Acura TLs: 25% off regular price.

Complete Ultimate Tune!
- 2012+ Civic Si: $150
- 2013+ Acura ILX: $150
- 07-08 Acura TL: $150
- Honda Fit: $95

Contact me: You can purchase the tune here. Just select your vehicle from the Ultimate Tune drop down. Get it while it's hot!

Even better, you can also buy a FlashPro AND Tune Combo from us at an even more discounted rate for the combo: $750 for the Civic, ILX and TL, $699 for the Honda Fit. Order now!

Go to my store for all the discount details!

4 Port Boost Solenoids

Available and in stock now! Get yours today.

Boost by gear for superchargers on the Civic Si

Vit and I made this for ALL of you SC guys. Oh yes, actual, true boost by gear.

Stock Tuned

This is the calibration I tuned for my Stock 2011 FA5. Has run well for me for the last year, figured I should share it since we haven't released anything for the stock Si.

Updated 6/4/2012: Lowered VTEC window pressure for people at high elevation.


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