Looking for FlashPro RDX beta testers

Yesterday Hondata announced this on the Acura forums, if you or anyone you know is interested, please get in contact with Doug asap:

We're looking for three beta testers for three RDX turbo models.

- 2007-2009 (part numbers 37805-RWC-A510 through 37805-RWC-A570)
- 2010-2011 (part numbers 37805-RWC-A610 through 37805-RWC-A720)
- 2012 (part numbers 37805-RWC-A810 through 37805-RWC-A910)

Our preference is a stock vehicle. Testers will receive a free FlashPro and tune. Hondata HQ is located in Southern California. We will need the car for up to a week, but probably less.

Contact Doug with your ECU part number, located in the ECU in the engine bay. Ph 310 782 8278 x 105


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